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IMPACT: Pittsburgh was a day of learning and connection, a pivotal event for Salesforce professionals geared towards driving transformation and mastering Change Intelligence. It was an afternoon where expertise met enthusiasm, and participants left equipped with actionable insights for adopting changes swiftly and effectively within their Salesforce environments. The event brought together a diverse group of professionals, fostering a space for insights and networking. As Change Intelligence is a cornerstone for continuous innovation in Salesforce, the discussions and presentations were centered around enabling participants to execute changes with confidence.

Ciara Skiles & Stephanie White, from Uptima, led the session on “Transforming Documentation.” They emphasized the strategic importance of effective documentation in Salesforce environments, illustrating how it can streamline operations and enhance agility. Their presentation highlighted practical strategies for maintaining dynamic and effective documentation to support ongoing changes and improvements within Salesforce Orgs.

Tom Hoffman, Practice Lead at Crowe, offered a fresh perspective on Permissions Profiles within Salesforce, which is a common source of technical debt. He discussed how outdated approaches to ‘permissioning’ could create significant risks, emphasizing the need for a shift towards a more streamlined, persona-driven permission model.

Adam Franklin, Technical Architect, narrated a cautionary tale of an implementation project focusing on the vital role of organizational discovery in mitigating risks associated with complex system changes. His presentation highlighted the benefits of comprehensive Org discovery for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Inspired by the successful Pittsburgh event, the IMPACT series plans to continue bringing this wealth of knowledge to cities worldwide. Each event is tailored to empower Salesforce professionals with Change Intelligence insights, helping them stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

What is Change Intelligence?

Change intelligence is the ability to learn about the business and systems configuration and the capability to apply that knowledge instantly to decide how the business change is to be executed most effectively.

Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO of, presented the concept of Change Intelligence and its transformative impact on Salesforce operations. He underscored the importance of this approach in reducing technical debt and enhancing the efficiency of system changes.

Dive deeper into the knowledge shared by accessing the media from IMPACT Pittsburgh.

Dive deeper into the knowledge shared by accessing the presentation slides from IMPACT Pittsburgh.

Event media


What is Change Intelligence

Ian Gotts



Transforming Documentation

Ciara Skiles & Stephanie White, Uptima



Permissions and Profiles Strategies

Tom Hoffman, Crowe



Permissions and Profiles Strategies

Tom Hoffman, Crowe

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Accelerating Org Discovery

Adam Franklin, HIKE2


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18th July 2024

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