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IMPACT is a dynamic series of events tailored for professionals spearheading transformation within Salesforce. In San Francisco, we offered a platform for experts and peers to share strategies and insights, tackling the complexities and challenges within Salesforce such as technical debt and inadequate documentation. This collective effort to drive effective change is what we term “Change Intelligence.”

IMPACT: San Francisco was a convergence of forward-thinking professionals who shared a common goal: to enhance their Salesforce Orgs with Change Intelligence. Throughout the event, attendees engaged in deep discussions, learned from local experts, and took away strategies to navigate and implement effective changes within their organizations.

Xavery Lisinski, VP of Product at, presented the Change Intelligence Research Series, providing a data-driven examination of Salesforce Org configurations. His insights revealed how over-complex page layouts and underutilization of dynamic forms can hinder user experience and productivity. He also emphasized the significant potential for optimizing Salesforce Orgs to better align with user needs and business objectives.

What is Change Intelligence?

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Change intelligence is the ability to learn about the business and systems configuration and the capability to apply that knowledge instantly to decide how the business change is to be executed most effectively.

Ian Gotts, CEO of, offered valuable insights into the essence of Change Intelligence and its impact on minimizing wasted spend and streamlining Salesforce operations. His session detailed strategic versus tactical approaches to Salesforce agility, advocating for improved alignment and coherent action plans.

Dive deeper into the knowledge shared by accessing the media from IMPACT San Francisco.

For further exploration of the topics discussed, download the event’s presentation slides and watch related videos.

Event media


What is Change Intelligence

Ian Gotts



Research Series Launch

Xavery Lisinski



Research Series Launch

Xavery Lisinski

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