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IMPACT New York city tour

New York was a particularly exciting instalment of our Change Intelligence City Tour, as we were very kindly hosted at Salesforce Tower’s magnificent Ohana Floor. The event provided a unique platform for Salesforce professionals to connect, share, and discover strategies for implementing change efficiently and with confidence.

Educating the audience about Change Intelligence was the core theme of the event. This included covering innovations like AI and Data Cloud, as well as practical solutions for resolving complexity, reducing tech debt and improving documentation within Salesforce.

Ian Gotts, CEO of, kicked things off with a presentation on the latest findings from the Change Intelligence Research Series. The findings from our research showed that around 50% of what gets built in Salesforce, is never used.

The conversation then pivoted to the core concepts of Change Intelligence, delivered by Richard Parker, CCO at Change Intelligence is critical to tackling the problem of hidden waste cluttering your so many Salesforce orgs.
Brooke Mohnkern, Senior CSM at, took to the stage to discuss preparing for the Data Cloud revolution in Salesforce, detailing strategies for leveraging its capabilities to their fullest.

The event wrapped up with a compelling panel session with Ciara Skiles from Uptima Consulting and Gina Marques from Own Backup. Our guest speakers discussed proven solutions from their experiences to tackle issues like tech debt, org complexity, and the role of proper documentation in achieving operational excellence.

The IMPACT City Tour is set to continue educating Salesforce communities around North America and Europe. Keep an eye out for the announcement of our next dates to join the movement of Change Intelligence.

What is Change Intelligence?

Change intelligence is the ability to learn about the business and systems configuration and the capability to apply that knowledge instantly to decide how the business change is to be executed most effectively.

Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO of, not only introduced the core concepts of Change Intelligence but also emphasized its critical role in achieving streamlined operations and reduced technical debt within Salesforce environments. His session provided a strategic roadmap for adopting Change Intelligence practices, highlighting successful case studies and practical approaches from within the industry.

Dive deeper into the knowledge shared by accessing the media from IMPACT New York.

For further exploration of the topics discussed, download the event’s presentation slides and watch related videos.

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What is Change Intelligence

Ian Gotts



Research Series

Xavery Lisinski



Change Intelligence and Salesforce

Richard Clark


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18th July 2024

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